Copihue de Oro 2018: check the complete list of winners


On Friday the 23rd, a new edition of the Copihue de Oro. Its version number 14 was full of faces of the national show, who already paraded on the red carpet with their best looks.

The ceremony was led by Monserrat Álvarez, Julián Elfenbein, José Miguel Viñuela, Maria Luisa Godoy, Daniel Fuenzalida and Alejandra Valle and for the second consecutive year was made in the Gran Monticello Arena and had as great winners several personalities of Channel 13.

[FOTOS] Check out the red carpet looks

With a total of 102 nominees and 17 categories, then we leave the complete list of roseros and winning programs of this 2018.

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1. Best Cheerleader:

– Diana Bolocco
– María Luisa Godoy
– Tonka Tomicic (WINNER)
– Pamela Díaz
– Karla Constant
– Carolina de Moras

2. Best Animator:

– Martin Cárcamo
– Julian Elfenbein
– Cristian Sánchez
– Francisco Saavedra (WINNER)
– Ignacio Gutiérrez
– José Miguel Viñuela


3. Panelist or notero:

– Chiqui Aguayo
– Chico Pérez
– Michael Roldán
– Mariana Derderian
– Nacho Pop
– Begoña Basauri (WINNER)

4. Humorist or humor program:

– Felipe Avello
– María Paz Jorquiera
– Sergio Freire
– The night is ours
– Morandé with Company (WINNER)

5. Best Morning Program:

– Good Morning
– Welcome
Hi Chile
– The morning of CHV
– Mucho Gusto (WINNER)
– Intruders

6. Best Star Program:

– Pasapalabra (WINNER)
– True Lies
Your time is up
– Foreground
– Talking Places

7. Best Journalism Program:

– Special Report (WINNER)
– In its own trap
– Butterfly Effect
Covert Mission
– Maximum Alert
Your time is up

8. Best Newscast:

– Teletrece
– 24 hours
– CHV News
– Now News (WINNER)
– CNN Prime
– There is news here

9. Best Series or Teleserie:

– Pact of Blood (WINNER)
– Forgive our sins
– Hidden Truths
– Doll House
– The Hunt
– If I were rich

10. Best Actress:

– Mariana di Girolamo
– Paola Volpato
– Ignacia Baeza
– Gabriela Hernández (WINNER)
– Ingrid Cruz
– Tamara Acosta

11. Best Actor:

– Álvaro Rudolphy
– Mario Horton
– Álvaro Espinoza
– Francisco Melo
– Nicolás Oyarzún
– Pablo Macaya (WINNER)

12. Best Face of Sports Space on TV:

– Claudio Palma (WINNER)
– Aldo Schiappacasse
– Fernando Solabarrieta
– Gustavo Huerta
– Ignacio Valenzuela
– Rodrigo Herrera

13. Best Radial Program:

– Stick in the club
– The Shower
– Vente pa'acá
– The morning hesitation of the Heart (WINNER)
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14. Best YouTuber:

– Balentina Villagra
– Chicken Castle
– Fabio Torres
– Fritanga
– Claidipia
– Monito Vidal (WINNER)

15. Popular or Tropical Group or Singer:

– Night of Witches
– SantaFeria
– Américo (WINNER)
– Villa Cariño
– Distracted Morals
– Camila Gallardo

16. King of the Golden Copihue:

– Francisco Saavedra (WINNER)
– Michael Roldán
– Julian Elfenbein
– Martin Cárcamo
– Ignacio Gutiérrez
– Juan Philippe Cretton

17. Queen of the Gold Copihue:

– Pamela Díaz (WINNER)
– Diana Bolocco
– Karla Constant
– Tonka Tomicic
– María Luisa Godoy
– Karen Doggenweiler

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