Content of the Fantastic Four will reach the Marvel Spider-Man


four fantastic

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest games of 2018 was The Marvel Spider-Man, exclusive of the PS4 developed by Insomniac Games that finally did justice to this personage in a video game. Despite the above, the DLC that was released for this title was to be greatly owed, an issue that apparently does not mean that it will be the last thing that will be added to Peter Parker's latest adventure since it was anticipated that the content of Fantastic Four I would arrive soon.

During a special flow under the Fourth Marvel Fantastic Week, Ryan Penagos, representative of the brand, said that "something fantastic" will come The Marvel Spider-Man Very soon, pointing out that at the moment I could not speak more about it, but that it will be "fantastic and incredible".

Obviously, Penagos refers to related content Fantastic Four. Finally, the developer studio retouched a publication from Marvel Games with the statements we spoke of, which further reinforces the theory. Everything is still pointing to Marvel that goes all out to form a new universe within video games as solid as what we've seen in the movies.

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