Coni Roberts first showed off her beautiful (and spacious) home in "La Divina Comida" | TV and Shows


This Saturday, a new chapter of The divine food, the successful ChilevisiĆ³n program, where celebrities compete to become the best hostesses.

On this occasion the guests were Katty Kowaleczko, Dj Black and Gabriel & Coca-Cola; Mendoza and Constance Roberts.

And it was at the panelist's dinner Hello Chile the one who caught the attention of him, for the first time he showed his house on television.

While he shared some screenshots in his Instagram account, he has never seen such a detailed tour of his house, and It is quite spacious.

First, Roberts showed the entrance where there was a peculiar blue piece of furniture, which today is one of his most precious objects. The reason? Before, he was a confessional of a church in Chiloe.

Then the journalist showed the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, which were plenty of space. In addition, he presented a special corner of his house, where he hung several photos of the family.

It was then that Constanza broke when she remembers her deceased grandfather., with whom you have a photograph of your wedding day.

Finally, another detail that caught the eye were the eco-friendly lamps in your dining room, which were made with plastic bottles.

Then we left some catches.