Confirmed second case of hanta virus in the region of Los Rios


O Seremi de Salud of the Los Río regions confirmed on Tuesday night second case of hanta virus in the area in 2019.

He is a man of 46 years who lives in the commune of Corral – where the first case was registered – and is admitted to the Base Hospital of the city of Valdivia.

"The patient is clinically stable and admitted to Intermediate Care as indicated in the protocol"commented the sofi Regina Barra.

Barra reiterated the appeal to the population to avoid risky behaviors such as going to places with shrubs and it is recommended to make a prior ventilation of the cellars before entering, sealing the uninhabited houses, keep garbage with a cover and short grass, to avoid the arrival of the long-tailed rodent, carrier of the virus.

Tomorrow Wednesday the health authority will move to Corral initiate the corresponding environmental research by protocol.


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