Confirmed request of resignation of Seremi of …


The Ministry of Health informed in a statement that Francisco Alvarez will leave his post in the region of Valparaiso.

This Saturday it was confirmed that the current Seremi Health of Valparaiso must leave his post to not comply with a series of administrative requirements for the post, as reported on Friday night

The Ministry of Health informed in a statement that this week it was informed of a decision of the Controller General of the Republic according to which the appointment of Francisco Álvarez like them from the region of Valparaiso for not having a specific training course of 120 hours, despite having more than 200 hours in different trainings.

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The parent entity ultimately based its decision on Francisco Álvarez and did not meet the requirements established in D.F.L. No. 5 of the year 2004 of the Ministry of Health to occupy its position in the region.



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