Confirmed first case of hanta in the region of Bio Bio


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O Seremi de Salud, Héctor Muñoz, confirmed the first case of hantavirus of the year in the Region, corresponding to a 37-year-old man, who Hospital Laja.

The initial hypothesis of contagion is the straw movement that he did within his work activity in the rural sector of Laja, a fact that will be subject to corroboration after the environmental epidemiological research that will begin today.

According to Health Seremi, despite how complicated the hantavirus may be, the patient is in good health and has returned to work.

At the national level, nine confirmed cases are recorded, two in Maule, two in Los Lagos, two in Ñuble, one in Bío Bío and two under study.

In 2018 in the Region, including Ñuble, eight cases were recorded (four in εuble, three in Bío Bío and one in Arauco), with no case fatality record. At the national level, 33 cases were counted, with seven deaths, which equates to a lethality of 21.1%.

The regional profile of the case reveals that 87.8% correspond to men and 12.5% ​​women, with a median age of 32.5 years; the majority (37.5%) corresponded to forestry workers and, in terms of risk, 25% had exposure by rural excursion, 25% by labor and 50% by rural residence.

It should be noted that in 2018 they were transfused with hyperimmune serum 24 people and, so far this year, six patients were transfused, one discarded by the ISP, three living and two deceased. One of the deceased corresponds to Ñuble.


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