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Confirm transmission of dengue fever by sex in Spain | International


Las health authorities of Spain confirmed this coming the detection of a case of dengue infection due to sexual intercourse between men, a worldwide novelty for this virus that was considered transmitted only by mosquito bite.

In a post addressed to the AFP, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) confirms that the Spanish case is “the first case of sexual transmission of dengue virus among men” that it has.

“Previously there was a (scientific) article published in the South Korea of ​​a probable sexual transmission of a woman to a man,” says medical epidemiologist Susana Jiménez, of the general direction of public health of the region of Madrid.

The case diagnosed in Madrid is “a 41-year-old man infected with sexual relations with his partner, who apparently acquired the virus during a trip to Cuba,” probably due to mosquito bites, explained AFP Jiménez.

The contagion, confirmed to late September, intrigued scientists as the subject had not traveled to a country from which dengue had become endemic.

Nhac Nguyen | Agence France-Presse
Nhac Nguyen | Agence France-Presse

If you explore the possibility that you had been infected by a mosquito in Spain, but in the areas where you were living there are no mosquitoes carrying dengue fever.

On the contrary, “his pair had presented a few days before a clinic (symptoms) very similar to his, which had been very mild and had not required attention (…) This person, who had traveled to Cuba and the Dominican Republic ”, Reports the doctora.

The pruebas showed that both had dengue and dengue.

“If they took a lot of semen, they were analyzed and detected in the only dengue, which was exactly the same virus and also a virus that is circulating in Cuba,” he said.

“It's a hall, a world-relevant news: finding another transmission mechanism,” admitted the doctor.

In countries where dengue fever is endemic there are mosquitoes that transmit it, "one cannot decide that there is no way of sexual transmission."

"What happened now is not contemplated, because we always thought it was the mosquito," he concluded.

Over there World Health Organization (WHO) It writes in its web that “Dengue is transmitted by the sting of the Aedes mosquito, bearer of one of the four dengue viruses”.

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