Confirm that former bishop Francisco José Cox will travel to Chile to face allegations of sexual abuse


The religious who was recently removed from the clerical state is 83 years old, senile dementia, diabetes and prostate cancer. Even so, doctors have considered that he is able to travel. Lived in Germany since 2002

The deputy provincial of the Catholic religious community of Schoenstatt confirmed that the arrival in Chile of the ex-bishop of La Serena, Francisco Jose Cox, is expected for February. He has lived in Germany since 2002, having been removed from his duties and destined for a life of "silence and prayer," based on proven allegations of sexual abuse against him.

Patricio Moore said that Cox, who was stripped of his clerical status by Pope Francis in October, has diabetes, prostate cancer and senile dementia at age 83.

"The examinations were made, it is 42 pages of very exhaustive reports, although he has many diseases, the doctor says he can travel to Chile and therefore we also decided to bring him back to Chile to make him available to justice. and what is needed, "Moore told the Cooperative.

On the other hand, one of its victims, Hernán Godoy, was satisfied with the news. "It seems very good to me, here Mr. Cox is waiting for him, my lawyers are waiting for him, to tell him that I am no longer that boy of 13 years, that I am a man and that now I am fighting for justice "he said.


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