Comptroller Bermudez dismisses resignation: "The person who replaces me can not be linked to the greatest fraud in history"


Comptroller Jorge Bermudez did not maintain anything in his first in-depth interview after Dorothy Perez's return to his subcontractor position by order of the Supreme Court. Despite the judicial setback, she defends her decision to ask the lawyer to leave: "despite the fact that the Court told me otherwise, I think it was legal and morally appropriate" and says that "many people would like me to resign and that there is a long period of subrogation. " Although he supposes that he has thought about resignation, he dismisses it because he has no intention of leaving the institution in the hands of Dorothy Perez.

"Every day I think about giving up … but then I see the work we've done and the projects we have and I say no, I have to continue." This was the intimate confession of the General Controller of the Republic, Jorge Bermúdez, after the hard defeat suffered in the courts and that meant the return of Dorothy Pérez to the position of subcontracted.

In an interview with El Mercurio's Sábado Magazine, Bermúdez is an uncomfortable figure for several sectors, and he accuses "many people would like me to resign and that there would be a long period of subrogation, while discussing a supposed change in Controllership," because it is a totally weakened institution ".

However, when asked if he intended to resign for the good of the institution, Bermudez's answer was frank: "And leave it to her!", Dispensing with the final option because it would mean putting the Controller in the hands of Dorothy Perez

"I have an uncompromising attitude against corruption"

Bermúdez does not forgive the lawyer's nexus with the Carabineros fraud, where he declared as a witness. "In fact, the charges have been made … I have an uncompromising attitude against corruption, so the person who replaces me can not be linked to the biggest fraud in history by action or omission," he said.

In a questioning about Dorothy Perez's treatment of this issue, she insisted that "as an institution, we failed in the case of the Carabineros.We had fraud in our noses and we did not see it or we did not want to see it.I am here as a Controller or Condorito : I demand an explanation. "

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"I thought she would want some more for the institution"

On his decision to ask for Perez's resignation, Bermudez said that "I do not feel like I was reckless … I lost 8-0 in the courts and that for a controller is very strong … But I am still convinced that, despite the fact that the Court told me otherwise, I think it was legally and morally appropriate. "

In addressing the episode of the petition to quit Perez, the controller states that he never thought she would say no to the resignation request. "Honestly, what I thought she was going to tell me was look, let me take the holidays, let's continue with this and then I go so I can rearm and beg somewhere else, but she sent urban couriers and aired on everywhere".

"I thought she would want a bit more for the institution and would walk away so the prosecutor would not get more involved in this, but it was not like that, what I can do," she says.

"Obviously, there is an institutional crisis"

In this sense, he assumed that this whole episode meant that "there is obviously an institutional crisis." But this indicates that while the Comptroller is "stressed," the situation is "because many think I can go, that's why they're stressed."

In reporting the criticism he received, he says it is "unfair" to be accused of harassment in the workplace. "It also hurts me a lot when someone says that he is misogynist as a deputy said … if he were misogynist, he would not have appointed a subcontractor, nor half of the headquarters would be a woman," he concludes.


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