Colo Colo | Official: Gabriel Costa is new reinforcement of Colo Colo by Mario Salas


The Peruvian nationalized Uruguayan became the third reinforcement of the albos. The pointer comes from Sporting Cristal and scored 26 goals in 2018.

Finally, a dream of Mario Salas was fulfilled. The Colo Colo officially signed the signature of Gabriel Costa, third reinforcement of the albos in 2019.

The Peruvian nationalized Uruguayan is 28 years old, plays as a right back and in 2018 scored 26 goals in the Sporting Cristal title, club that coincided with the "Commander".

This medium, early, published that the signature would be accelerated thanks to the albos they will pay a value close to $ 400,000 plus the Christofer "Canchita" Gonzales pass.

Costa joins Juan Carlos Gaete and Andrés Vilches, who arrived a few days ago in the Macul painting.


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