Friday , October 22 2021

Colo Colo | Marcos López, the new jewel of Peruvian football: "Mario Salas gave me confidence"


The Inca team is 19 years old and was featured with Sporting Cristal of the "Commander". "I want to play abroad," warned the left lane.

Marcos López is 19 years old and is already considered the new "jewel" of Peruvian football. The left lane was a figure in the title of Sporting Cristal and is selected, Sub 20 and adult, of his country.

Lopez is one of the names that interests Mario Salas to reinforce the Colo Colo and he does not hide his desire to play abroad. "Although I still belong to Sporting Cristal, I want to do things well to stand out in South America and be able to play abroad," he told ESPN Peru.

In relation to his relationship with the "Commander", the Inca was honest. "Mario gave me confidence and I'm grateful to him, the teacher always told us to tell him what we needed, I asked him if he could play as an extreme player and he told me he could do it," to the point.

Lopez, who is represented by Fernando Felicevich, played 23 games during the 2018 season and scored five goals.

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