Colo Colo | Juan Carlos Gaete has traveled to the preseason and will offer an apology to Mario Salas


After being absent for "love problems", the striker traveled to Argentina to join the squad of Colo Colo. The former Cobresal player will apologize.

It is a national issue. Juan Carlos Gaete, new reinforcement of the Colo Colo, did not reach the practice of the albos last Saturday and did not travel to Argentina with the rest of the team to start the preseason.

Nobody knew anything about him until this Monday, when CDF News learned that the former Cobresal player "disappeared" due to love problems. Gaete traveled north to visit his girlfriend.

The fact obviously caused great annoyance in the coaching staff led by Mario Salas and immediately began to talk about a possible exit from the player's team.

On this Tuesday, however, around 5:00 in the morning, Gaete traveled to Argentina to join the work of the "Cacique". The idea of ​​the player is to apologize to Salas and his teammates to be able to stay in the club and be "forgiven". The "commander" will have the last word.

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