Colo Colo | Gabriel Suazo: "Mario Salas asked me what my position was and I told him that he flew"


The Colo Colo player appreciated the work of the "Commander" on the team and revealed that he feels more comfortable as a passenger than as a side. "Mario gave us a lot of confidence," he said.

Gabriel Suazo has been one of the highlights at the beginning of the Colo Colo. There was a fact that marked the young player albo. "Mario (Salas) gave us a lot of confidence and that's important for the player." When he arrived, I started on the sideline and he asked me what my position was and I told him he was a mixed pilot. in every training to be holder on the weekend, " stated at a press conference.

He added: "The happiest thing he puts me through is the team's performance, if I can play and contribute, even better." My good performance I take with tranquility and humility, not because I played well a game, I will stop doing what I always do I have more confidence, it is not easy to play in the greatest team that is always a stadium full of pressure, I feel very comfortable in position. "

Suazo He did not stop and continued to reveal what the "Commander". "Mario gave me lots of facilities to play, he gives me lots of instructions and he comes in both areas. Thanks to how we trained during the week I have no problem in that area, he asks me to control and not play back," he pointed.

The campus of Cacique is very committed to the project of Rooms "Mario from the beginning started with the union, the scream (Newen), which is always there, unites the campus, cohesion is very important, the way to show the union is different, but we have always been united", he commented.

Finally, the now pamphlet of the albos, confessed that he is deluded with the Red "You always look for the Seleção, I try every day to play on the weekend and if a call comes later, happy," closed


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