Colo Colo | Benjamín Berríos could leave in part to pay the Pachuca Group in the operation of Edson Puch and play in Everton


The departure of the Vuelta del Mar pamphlet for Everton, offered as payment to Grupo Pachuca, could accelerate the arrival of Iquiqueño to Macul.

One of the players commissioned by Mario Salas on his arrival at Colo Colo was Edson Puch. The Iquiqueño, with passage by the University of Chile, would return to the country to play in the "albos" after its irregular campaign in Querétaro.

To close all this, Benjamín Berríos could be fundamental in the operation. According to the newspaper El Mercurio, the "Top" was offered to the Pachuca Group in part payment for the arrival of the graduate in Huachipato, who despite managing an offer from Barcelona Guayaquil hopes to return to Chile.

Then, Berrios would play at Everton (owned by the Mexican company) next season. In Viña del Mar, they wait for you with open arms.

Other players who have their days practically counted in the "Cacique" are Christofer Gonzales, who would return to Peru, and Omar Carabalí, whose Chilean nationalization process took longer than expected, in order to return to Ecuador.


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