Codelco suspended purchase of 451 gold watches for its workers


O CorporaciĆ³n Nacional del Cobre (Codelco) stopped buying 451 gold watches for its workers, ending a tradition in which these people were rewarded with these accessories for 30 years in the company.

As reported Pulse, the highest authorities in the state questioned the bidding for the purchase of these watches, which was launched on April 18, They decided to freeze the process.

The call made by the Chuquicamata and El Teniente Divisions required the acquisition of 371 Longines man gold watches and 12 gold Longines woman watches, each with a commercial value close to one million pesos.

I was even looking to buy other 63 18-carat Longines watches for men and another five for women of the same type, which had a price of 1,5 million pesos approximately each.

In this way, the tender shall be declared void.

Of course, as he said Pulse, the delivery of these accessories will continue to be carried out for workers affiliated with unions who have considered in their collective agreement the delivery of this benefit, which would only happen at headquarters.

It should be mentioned that Codelco paid about 750 thousand pesos for each of the watches due to the large amount that was acquired.


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