Close-up reveals alleged fight that would have led to the resignation of Karen Bejarano


In the last days, one knows of the resignation or resignation of emblematic faces of television, of the national television channels. This is the case of Ernesto Belloni, Amparo Noguera and Katyna Huberman, adding to this group the singer Karen Bejarano who resigned the morning of TVN in recent days.

Although it had already been reported that his departure from the Very Beautiful Days was due to an exchange of views at a policy meeting with the animator and journalist Ignacio Gutiérrez, according to the CHV Primer Plan program, it would have been much more than that.

According to Conty Ganem, Nacho Gutiérrez would not only have discussed with Bejarano, but would do so with all his companions, who, according to his version, would be tired if he knocked on the table and would not let them talk.

Meanwhile, Francisca García-Huidobro defended his friend and maintained that as a program leader one must have a specific voice and weight.

Conty adds that Ignacio "would have told Karen that she was not the right person to make a new travel section, and that she should be one of the animators who performed that role"; situation that would have triggered the resignation of the formerly known as Karen Paola.


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