Claudia Conserva and Pollo Valdivia decided to vacation separately


A different modality was Claudia Conserva and Juan Carlos Valdivia for these holidays.

Is that while she wanted to rest, he wanted a long trip. So, and as the driver explained to Mon, they decided to leave separately.

Preserved did this with his 15-year-old daughter, Matilda, who are enjoying all the benefits of Isla Mujeres in Mexico. The "Chicken", on the other hand, came out along with Renato (17) to Seoul, South Korea.

"With the chicken we have a taste that we share, but not everyone and it is important to respect this so that there is no frustration on either side and neither of them gets the chance to do something that, because of the other, could not do, "said the animator.

In that sense, he said that now he seeks to take advantage of his daughter. "What I wanted most was to immerse myself in the planet Matilda because few times in the year you have so much time to know more in depth what he is thinking, what he feels, what his concerns are … He stimulates me a lot: to have calm conversations and exclusive for two. Share our girl secrets"

In addition, he said that in the last week of vacation all will meet again in Jamaica. "It's going to be very cool there because it will cap that anxiety of seeing four of us." Comment on our adventures, anecdotes, photos. I think super healthy what we did"


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