Claims Your Ex For Not Paying Netflix For Her And Her New Boyfriend | Express


/ January 7, 2019 / Agencies

UNITED STATES: A boy has discovered that his ex-girlfriend and current partner use their Netflix account without their permission; for two years. That without the girl cooperating or contributing anything to the service bill.

The boy posted a screenshot of the conversation via WhatsApp with his ex-girlfriend. From which your name and number have been protected, through the Reddit page with the username The_Duff.

"Hello, did you pay for your Netflix account?", began to write the girl next to a happy face emoji.

Immediately, the boy replied intrigued by the message.

"Who is it?or I have your number registered. "

The girl answered immediately and asked the ex if she could pay the bill that night.

The young man, surprised, reminded the girl that they had not spoken in years and asked how she had the details of her account.

"You gave me the data when we left."replied the girl.

The boy, confused, replied:

"You're making a joke, I'm going to change the password right away, do not use my account any more, I can not believe how cynical you are, erase my number, please."

Reddit users did not believe what the girl responded to after the boy's allegation.

"Just pay, I'm trying to see something."

The already angry user attacked the girl's attitude by remembering that "this deeply ingrained right level of the girl never ceased to amaze and irritate him"; so he said the girl was "real crap".

"A real rubbish," "This deeply rooted level of the law never ceases to amaze and irritate me," were some of the comments that attacked the woman's attitude. That no longer answered what made him think that the young man changed the password.

However, Reddit users have been in a good mood and have reported similar cases.


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