Chrome will load some web pages much faster thanks to the new "bfcache" (but not all the good news)


Web sites and web pages continue to gain weight, and those sizes and combinations of text, scripts, images, or videos have made loading a few pages a bit slow. Google Chrome wants to try to speed up the process dramatically.

To do this, your engineers are working on a new feature called bfcache (& # 39;back-forward cache& # 39;), a cache that stores the state of a web page so that if we return to it, we load that stored copy first and update that version with the new information available on the page.

An interesting cache that imposes certain problems

It is true that this cache will do nothing for new sites and web pages that we visit, but for that part of sites we have visited, Reduced loading times will be noticeable.

Google says that this feature can make a lot of sense and, for example, "it would improve performance by up to 19% on all navigation made in the mobile version of Chrome." In these cases navigation would be "extremely fast", indicate the engineers working on this option.

This idea is not new, and is actually used one way or another in Firefox or Safari, but there are scenarios – such as those faced by developers – that precisely load and refresh the cache page. It's the ideal.

The technique also has other issues: saving the status of these web pages in the cache increases memory usage for Chrome, something that is already a conflict in this and other browsers.

Not only that: Google should raise this option without compromising security and privacy For example, Chrome should ensure that JavaScript programs are stopped, even if you keep them in memory, something one of the engineers who spoke about the technique, Addy Osmani, openly explained.

With everything and with that, the option seems striking and could ease loading times without causing conflicts in many scenarios. Google expects to integrate bcache into Chrome testing over 2019 and offer it on the browser publicly in 2020.

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