Christmas gift has arrived: clubs will receive CDF tickets between this Friday and Monday


Chilean clubs will have their Christmas present on time, since the ANFP has announced that it will distribute the money received from the sale of Canal del Fútbol to the Turner Group between this Friday, December 21 and Monday, December 24.

The information was received by the team leaders at the Council of Presidents meeting, said Arturo Salah, president of ANFP.

"The historic sale of CDF Resources are directed to ANFP. Now the processes with the banks to do the laps for the teams begin. It's a good Easter gift."explained the helmsman.

Salah, too, when consulted by clubs requesting loans, assured that "the administration has everything under control and the process will be as it should be. "

The sale of CDF was accepted by the ANFP a year ago in December 2017 for the Turner Group, in the total amount of 1,285 million dollars. The clubs, thanks to this deal, They will receive an approximate US $ 3.1 million bonus.

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