Christians ask Netflix to cancel & # 39; Good Omens, which is an Amazon series


This is definitely the year that the public believes it is the owner and creator of the series. No streaming content platform seems to get rid of collections of angry fan signatures. Instead of HBO, this time it's Netflix. The Christian Return to Order Group ("Return to order") has filed a petition for the company of Reed Hastings to cancel the series "Good Omens". In addition to the reasons for his indignation, the most delirious of the campaign is the small detail the series, in fact, is from the original catalog Amazon Prime Video.

Good omens & # 39;

The collaboration between an angel and a demon to avoid the end of the world supposes for this association "One more step to normalize Satanism as acceptable, mocking the wisdom of God". In addition to giving a woman's voice to God, this branch of the American Foundation for Christian Civilization criticizes in its petition that the series "Destroy the barriers of terror that society still has in relation to the devil". This initiative is not so surprising considering that, as The Guardian points out, Return to Order already required the Walmart brand in 2018 to stop. "selling satanic products" and he stood up against a "Chain of blasphemous ice cream called Sweet Jesus".

This demand points directly to the writer of & # 39; Good Omens & # 39 ;, Neil Gaiman. The showrunner also adapted with Amazon the fantasy novel he wrote in 1990 along with his late comrade Terry Pratchett, where according to this religious group "portrays God as a tyrant and the devil being good". The standard complaint message is closed with a strong statement: "I urge you to withdraw this series at once, stop promoting evil!". In response, a Twitter user turned those arguments on and pointed out why these are precisely the strengths of the series.

Platforms and creator respond

Following the success of the petition with more than 20,000 signatures, The religious group has already updated the description, recognizing that "We regret the mistake and the protests go to Amazon when the campaign is completed". What they do not seem to understand yet is that this controversial campaign, like that of Spain's FariƱa, will only increase the popularity of the miniseries starring Michael Sheen and David Tennant. In fact, already in social networks Gaiman himself pointed to the confusion of the streaming platforms, and these did not hesitate to respond ironically to the whole commotion. Attentive to the proposal that Amazon makes for Netflix, in the same comic line as the & # 39; Good Omens & # 39 ;, which is already available fully on demand in the Prime Video catalog.

"I love that they will write to Netflix to try to cancel #GoodOmens, this really says it all"

"This is beautiful … promise me you will not tell?"

"Okay, we promise not to do anything else"

"Hey, Netflix, we canceled" Stranger Things "if you cancel & # 39; Good Omens & # 39;


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