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Chinese scientists develop device to help doctors deal with spills quickly and quickly


WASHINGTON, June 11 (Xinhua) – Chinese researchers have developed a device that uses near infrared light to noninvasively diagnose poor blood flow, providing a tool for doctors to treat a stroke or stroke more quickly.

The study, published today in AIP Advances, a journal of the American Institute of Physics, points out that the hybrid instrument, which relies on two techniques of infrared light, can measure blood volume, blood oxygenation and blood flow rate. .

Stroke, one of the leading causes of death worldwide, is usually caused by poor blood flow to the brain and the condition must be diagnosed within the first few hours of onset for an effective treatment.

Researchers at Chongqing Military Medical University and the Chinese Academy of Physical Engineering have used diffuse optical spectroscopy of the "near infrared" to analyze the scattered light of tissues in order to calculate the amount of oxygen and blood in an area.

They also used "diffuse correlation spectroscopy," another near-infrared light technique, to analyze fluctuations in scattered light in tissues to measure blood flow rate.

In one experiment, researchers attached the device's probe to a participant's forearm and then tightened a loop around the subject's arm to block blood flow.

The researchers found that light diminished in intensity when blood flow was blocked and intensified again when the ligament was removed, reflecting changes in oxygen and blood in the forearm. In addition, the blood moved more slowly when the ligament was tight, according to the study.

The device is inexpensive and compact because the two techniques share the same detectors. The optical switch simplifies the combination of two light sources and the software optimizes the measurements, the researchers said. Last

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