Chinese company buys part of Quantic Dream


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<p>Some time ago, the curious news came that <strong>NetEase Games</strong>, a division dedicated to the game of the Chinese technology conglomerate, <strong>NetEase</strong>, has invested about $ 100 million in Bungie to boost the development of other games that do not <em>Destiny</em> inside the studio. Now, the same company has announced the purchase of a <strong>Quantum Dream</strong>.</p>
<p>According to the statement, <strong>NetEase</strong> made a small part of the study of Sony's second party behind how to <em>Heavy rain, plus: two souls</em> and <em>Detroit: Become Human</em>. The purpose of the acquisition has to do with an investment for the development and distribution of online games. Something that is very stressed is that <strong>Quantum Dream</strong> he will continue to operate independently and based on his values, so the fans would have nothing to worry about.</p>
<p>"This strategic investment points to the studio's vision of becoming a global multi-franchise company that can develop advanced technologies for our games in the future," NetEase said in a statement.</p>
<p><strong><em>Detroit: Become Human</em></strong>    It is the newest <strong>Quantum Dream</strong>, which was released on May 25 exclusively on PS4.</p>
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