China: the beautiful model who "dishonors" her culture


(ANSA) – One Chinese model who ridiculed his country's culture in an unsuccessful advertising campaign by Dolce & Gabbana that ruined his career, broke the silence two months after that stumbling that earned him the rejection of his compatriots. "I feel very guilty and ashamed," he wrote. Zuo Ye on your Weibo account, the local Twitter. He added that "he will never have shown contempt" for his country because he feels "proud to represent him on the catwalk".

The young woman said that she learned the lesson and that she China "with a better light". "Once again I apologize to my compatriots," he wrote. The model, who is just over 20 years old, lent her image to the Italian company's advertising videos for the mega-event ("The Great Show") that would be held in late November in Shanghai and was canceled later. due to the ire of the citizens that resulted in a boycott of the fashion house. The advertising campaign on social networks, which broadcast three videos, was accused of using "the worst cultural stereotypes."

The videos published on Weibo allow Zuo to watch while eating Italian dishes, pizzas, spaghetti and cannoli (sweet rolls) with traditional hashis. A male "off" voice gave the model advice on how to eat with chopsticks, playing with double entender and bad taste. The model was the center of the criticism: small eyes and naive smile provoked the accusation of the stereotyped use of communicating and speaking to and from the Chinese. For many, it is a case of racism, even sexism, at a time when the girl was trying to eat the cannolo.

"Is it too big for you?" The male voice asked maliciously as the model tried to bring the scroll to his mouth. However, the most unworthy of the Chinese is that Zuo accepted "foreign" money to "denigrate his country", as they said in social media. Now she explains that she refrained from speaking because she is not a "public character." And admitted that controversial advertising, rather than "take off" his career, "almost completely ruined".

Zuo said that in the days before filming detailed that starred in a funny video and that the film should follow the instructions of the team. According to her, she expressed disagreement, but was directed to "make an effort". Moreover, as a "common template", he did not have the right to see the finalized work or object of its content, argue in his defense.


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