China publishes impressive photos of its mission on the dark side of the moon


Gif and more.

The University of Zhejiang, China, has just published several photos of his mission on the dark side of the moon. It is several records illustrative of what the historic achievement has been.

The entity disclosed them in its Weibo account, which, as we know, is the largest social network in the Asian country. The records belong to the Chang & # 39; e-4 mission. Here are a few:

The photos were sent by the Queqiao artificial satellite. This satellite is the basis of the Chang-e-4 mission and is what finally allowed China to explore the dark side of the Moon.

Because? It is operating in the orbit of the halo around the second Lagrange L2 point of the Earth-Moon system. According to RT, these hover points or Lagrange points are the five orbital positions in which a small object can be parked and affected by gravity in relation to two larger objects such as the Earth and the Moon. This is illustrated by this GIF :

At the moment, it is known that China plans to launch a next version of the spacecraft, in the Chang & # 39; e-5 mission, whose mission is to bring samples of the Moon to Earth.

If you are interested in the subject, you can also read the interview we did a few days ago for the Chilean satellite expert, Marcos Díaz Quezada, coordinator of the sucha n success satellite nanosatellite.


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