Chimuelo in memoriam: E chain! he honored him with Hollywood's viral level | videos


The farewell of dear Chimuelo is undoubtedly a phenomenon that turned the world, besides appearing in various media, now received the homage of a major television network, and of course, if "more than a pet, you were a brother ".

Through their social networks for Latin America AND! Entertainment Television shared a video in which images of known actors are mixed during the Eddie Vedder's presentation at the 2018 Oscar, along with the bird's farewell.

You have to remember that in this show, the Pearl Jam singer sang Room on top Tom Pety during the In Memoriam section, where the Academy remembers the stars that died during the past year.

With the phrase "More than a pet, you were a brother. Goodbye Chimuelo"AND! Latin America did not want to be alien to the viral that will undoubtedly enter into history, and will be added to the list where the beloved "Zafrada" or "El manjarsss" are found.

The video already surpassed 92 thousand reproductions, and of course it continues and adds up, since apparently the popular Chimuelo passed to immortality thanks to the simple and tender farewell that his brother Renato made to him.
Fly high dear! Then we leave the tribute.


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