Chileans spend an average of 81,000 pesos per month on grocery shopping | economy


One study looked at how much money Chileans spend in different areas each month, revealing that nearly a fifth of the budget is spent on grocery shopping.

The Third explained that, according to the VIII INE Survey on Family Budgets, 18.7% of the monthly expenses correspond to food and non-alcoholic beverages.

According to Fintonic, which manages resource management, the average for supermarkets is US $ 81,000 per month, with a frequency of 4.3 trips in the same period.

In this sense, the average purchase reaches US $ 18,000.

In detail, they added that The payment method that predominates is the debit card, with an average payment of $ 17,000. Credit, meanwhile, has an average of $ 26,000.

Those who spend more, according to the study, are those who are between 45 and 54 years of age, with an average of $ 180,000, while under 25 years it reaches $ 38,000.

In relation to the most recurrent chains, the first place is shared by Líder and Santa Isabel, with a purchase frequency of 2.3 times, then Jumbo with 2.2.

The average purchase price, in turn, is led by Líder, with US $ 61,000, followed by Jumbo, with US $ 54,000.


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