Chileans are more likely to give their personal information in exchange for "discounts"


Taking care of your personal data is important because they are yours, they are unique and should not be in the hands of third parties and less than private.

This discussion goes a long way and the issue seems to be out of control for a long time, leaving us with the question that if at some point people regain their privacy.

The point is that these data are worth and are the new "gold" of many companies around the world, although it seems that people do not understand it, especially the Chileans.

According to the latest Kaspersky Lab study, for a small discount or online coupon, people are willing to do much more, 40% of Latin Americans say "be used" to deliver their data.

With regard to countries and those who deliver easier, this is the ranking:

  1. Chile, with 47%
  2. Colombia, with 45%
  3. Argentina, with 44%
  4. Peru, with 37%
  5. Brazil with 35%
  6. Mexico, with 24%

Congratulations to the Mexicans for being much more educated in this field than the rest of the countries that were part of the sample.

Dmitry Bestuzhev, director of Kaspersky Lab's Global Research and Analysis Team in Latin America, says:

Once we make our information public, there is no turning back. When we act impulsively and share personal data or accept conditions without knowing what lies behind, we may be victims of identity theft, hacking email and social networking, and stealing money from bank accounts. In addition, the disclosure of specific data may cause great harm to our privacy, as such information is generally sold to third parties for targeted advertising. On the other hand, when discounts, we are also granting certain permissions to use the information we provide that many users do not read.


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