Chilean customs hold two Ecuadorians with drugs on surfboards


In remand, they were two false Ecuadorian surfers who were intercepted by officials of the National Customs Service when they attempted to enter Chile with 6 pounds 779.5 grams of marijuana. The drug was hidden on a table made of fiberglass.

The Regional Director of Customs of Iquique, Dennys Beltrand Santos, explained that the procedure was registered in the border complex of Colchane, 242 kilometers east of Iquique.

"During the process of entry of passengers to Chile our inspectors They selected two tourists based on an interview, who traveled with a surfboard to Iquique.

After that, the sports article was reviewed with X-rays and a hydrometer, establishing that contained a contraband inside " added the Regional Director.

By virtue of the customs duties, the inspectors intervened in the structure of the fiberglass table and inside they discovered 25 packages of different shapes which in total they contained 6 pounds 779.5 grams of pressed marijuana.

Travelers identified as A.C.M. (25 years) and E.A.A. (35) indicated that The table was bought in Peru and his desire was to reach the coast of Iquique. The prosecutor of Pozo Almonte and the accused were immediately informed of the situation, along with drugs and evidence. They were handed over by chain of custody to the police.

The arrest control was carried out this Saturday, November 10, in the Court of Pozo Almonte and the promoter Hardy Torres formalized for drug trafficking at the author's level. The magistrate Isabel Peña decreed the legal arrest and decided to leave them in preventive detention during the 120 days of the investigation.

The seized medicinal product may reach a value close to $ 34 million in illicit trade. (I)


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