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After a tough world championship against two giants, Sweden (0-2) and the United States (0-3), Chile will finally be able to show their game against Thailand, this Thursday in Rennes (15:00 in Chile), on a final day of the group stage in which he clings to mathematics to dream about the eighth.

Red does not have it easy. Already 13 of the 16 eighths were distributed, two of the four classified for the best third, the only way for the group of José Letelier.

"The results were logical, but you always expect them to be better. We keep hope until the math says otherwise," the coach said.

"The way we attacked the United States and Sweden was different, now we have to go with everything, I look forward to being able to score, contribute and succeed"

– Maria José Urrutia, front of Chile.

In a F-key in which the United States and Sweden have already reached the pass – they will play for the first place – Thailand's classification would require a greater miracle, since the goal difference is -17.

Chile is not to fire rockets, it has -5, so your options go through a series of combinations.

For example, to finish above Nigeria, third of group A with -2, Chile must win by a difference of three goals for Thailand.

Also aiding the draw between Scotland and Argentina on Wednesday in the Parc des Princes, in the result of group D, is good and, therefore, the Albiceleste avoided to reach four units, which would have been unattainable for the reds.

"We go to the three points yes or yes"

"We're going to look for the three points, yes or no. We have great options to finish well, we had a very difficult group," said Christiane Endler, the Chilean figure in the first two games, in which she was shown with stops of all colors without enter the game. the mathematical variants.

Before two female football giants, the team led by Letelier defended well in many phases, but failed to show offensive game.

"The way to attack the United States and Sweden was different, now we have to go with everything, I'm anxious to score, contribute and be able to win," said striker Maria Jose Urrutia, with an unpleasant task before the Swedes and Americans.

Mario Dávila | Home
Mario Dávila | Home

Thailand has been more vulnerable. She has 18 goals against her in two games – including 13-0 in the United States, the biggest win in Women's World Cup history – but she can be proud to have scored one, Kanjana Sung-Ngoen against Sweden, something She has not made Chile yet.

"This goal means to open a great goal, it was difficult to reach against an exceptional team like Sweden, but the preparation paid off. We progressed mentally after the defeat against the United States," said his coach, Nuengrutai Srathongvian.

Chile has several challenges in Rennes; Score your first goal in a World Cup, add your first points and why not? Free a carambola that takes it to octave.


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