Wednesday , June 16 2021

Chantal Gayoso defended the driving of Maura Rivera and Rodrigo Díaz in "Red On Vacation" | TV and Show

The program dancer Red, Chantal Gayoso, defended critics of the conductors of the space Red on vacation, Maura Rivera and Rodrigo Díaz.

Both drivers were strongly questioned by viewers, after accusing a suspected lack of reliability and ease, as instructed by the portal.

About this, Rivera told the Intruders program that "We're doing everything to get it right. (…) they have to give us time to start letting go, to start having more confidence. This challenge has been put to us, we have taken on this and we are trying to do our best. "

TVN (cc)
TVN (cc)

To his words, the dancer joined Chantal Gayoso, who in the midst of presenting the nominees to the Queen of the Huaso de Olmué Festival, decided to support the work of their peers.

"I think all summer needs new animators, new skills, I think they've done very well, they're young guys, so the idea is to have fun," he said. he in conversation with BioBioChile.

And although he acknowledged that he was not aware of Maura Rivera's statements about performance, he assured that "they did very well. I liked it … The program is super good for all children who are on vacation, for grandmas and for the family. "

chantalgayoso | Instagram
chantalgayoso | Instagram

In addition, he said he does not know clearly if he will remain in the "clan" of the television space, because he is just "enjoying the moment". "This continues to be seen. Red on vacation is the competition to remain in the clan, "he said.

Gayoso is one of the queen's candidates of the musical event that is broadcast by TVN and animated by Karen Doggenweiler and Cristián Sánchez. The dancer must compete with singer Paulette Santis, comedian Rossy Rossy and the producer of Radio Bio Bio Fernanda Lavado.

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