Chamber of Deputies approves "Ley Pack" | National


With 112 votes in favor and five abstentions, O "Law Pack" was approved by Chamber of Deputies during this Thursday.

The initiative aims to penalize the non-consensual dissemination of private images with sexual content. In addition, it includes a series of escalations in the context of threats, within the "sexorsión".

The project has a penalty of less penalty of imprisonment in its minimum grade and a fine of 50 to 500 UTM, who have obtained the consent of another person, images, texts, voice or audiovisual recordings of sexual content that are of the same and divulge them by any means without the authorization of the affected party.

In addition, the purpose is to punish those hypotheses in which the content of a sexual nature was facilitated by a person other than the victim, in order to regulate and prevent the viralization of this type of content when it is not counted with the consent of the affected. .

The parliamentary motion was driven by the representatives Maite Orsini (RD) and Maya Fernández (PS). Now, the bill will go to the Senate review.


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