Friday , October 22 2021

Chaco Insaurralde killed poor Mati Zaldivia with his Christmas present: "I would give him a girlfriend"


In addition, he wants Claudio Baeza to see him for the parties in Buenos Aires.

The official Colo Colo channel is uploading good videos of the Cacique players in relation to Christmas. And one of them was Juan Manuel Insaurralde, who played with private gifts.

When asked why he would give him Matías Zaldivia, he remained silent for a while, smiled and then played: "I would give her a girlfriend"shot.

It was softer with Claudio Baeza. "That I can go to visit Buenos Aires and spend the holidays together., he emphasized.

El Chaco is in Argentina where he will spend the holidays to perform with the rest of the cast on January 2 to be under the orders of Mario Salas.

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