Thursday , October 21 2021

César Luis Menotti: "Who knows football values ​​Marcelo Díaz" | sports


Marcelo Díaz, since he arrived in Racing, has been instrumental in the leadership of his team in the Superliga of Argentina.

And his performances did not go unnoticed by César Luis Menotti, who in conversation with La Tercera highlighted the Chilean.

"Diaz has presence, good game, balance, I've seen him very good games. Racing is a team under construction that comes first. That makes it very meritorious, "said the former coach.

Even, the world champion with his team in 1978 ventured to put it at the height of two historical. "People forget football players, they talk about Messi, but not about Iniesta or Guardiola, that's what those who understand the game see, Diaz is one of those players. Who knows football, values ​​what it does"he said.

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