Cerato: "Everton is my home and I said I would go back"


The pamphlet returned to the viñamarinos of the Lion of Mexico. The club also featured Bastian San Juan and Cristián Campestrini.

A few days ago Everton He made his new official coach. It's about the Uruguayan Gustavo Díaz, who took the place left by Javier Torrente.

On Monday the viñamarinos presented their first three reinforcements. Bastian San Juan, Cristián Campestrini and Maximiliano Cerato.

The latter returned to the cast "rueltero", where he was seven years before leaving in 2017 for the Lion of Mexico.

"I'm very happy, this is my house and I said I was going to return ", he began to declare. I am very grateful for this institution that gave me everything. That is why when Gustavo (Dalsasso) called me and the president did not hesitate. I felt it was the best because I have so much to offer. I want Everton to return to the foreground again and why not dream of a title, "said the Argentinean nationalized.

Goalkeeper Campestrini arrives from Dorados de Sinaloa (Mexico) and defender San Juan de O & # 39; Higgins.


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