Thursday , October 21 2021

Catrillanca: "confrontation" photographs sent to Luis Mayol and Felipe Kast were sent by


Retired general Andrés Gallegos and former head of the Ninth Police Area in La Araucanía would have delivered the images that deceived the former mayor, Luis Mayol and Senator Felipe Kast, who pointed to a supposed confrontation before the murder of Camilo Catrillanca.

There are about eight images delivered by Gallegos on November 14, which show ballistic impacts on a 4 × 4 RAM truck from the Carabineros Jungle Command and which, according to a police report, indicated that a previous confrontation occurred in the community of Temucuicui. This was the first version of the former uniform

In a conversation with Radio Bío Bío, former Mayor Luis Mayol confirmed that these images were delivered to him by General Gallegos, who was one of the 10 high officials called to retreat after leaving Hermes Island.

"This information was sent to me by General Gallegos. I was in charge of the zone's chief, so he had to inform me of what was happening," Luis Mayol told Bío Bío radio.

The images delivered by Gallegos were the basis of the controversial statements of Luis Mayol that ended up costing him the job in La Araucanía.

A similar situation occurred with the life of the Senator of Evopoli in La Araucanía, Felipe Kast, who also assured that Carabineros faced an armed group within the community Temucuicui of Ercilla.

Felipe Kast told Bío Bío Radio that these images were distributed in the vicinity of Luis Mayol a few hours after the Mapuches died.

"In particular, this week I received the images that circulated in the region, including those received at Intendente Mayol, I imagine directly from some Carabinieri source."

Mayol and Kast admit to having doubts and feel cheated by information given by retired general Andrés Gallegos.

The latter was serving a year as the highest authority of the Carabineros in La Araucanía, after replacing retired general Cristián Franzani, who has testified before the Public Prosecutor's Office, accused of obstructing the investigation in the case of Catrillança.

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