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Catholic University buries the ghost of 94 | Soccer

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Francisco Longa | Home

In 1994, the Crusaders lost the championship to Universidad de Chile after leading the year.

By the time 28, the scenario was similar. The Catholic University held steady as a candidate for the title and resisted the constant siege of the University of Concepcion, which had loosened up in the last section. In turn, despite a bitter season, the University of Chile moved up from the position in the final stretch to second place, displacing even UdeC, who closed the first half as a leader.

So the ghost began to reappear. Néstor Raúl Gorosito, one of the standards of this bitter memory, lamented in an interview with the newspaper La Tercera: "I hope I do not repeat the scandal and the shame of 94," he admitted.

But the fright lasted only a few days. While the championship will be set at the end of the week, on the 29th – which ended a heart attack with three simultaneous matches – the options to repeat this story have been dispelled.

The Catholic University was about to play the championship title in Chilean football after beating O & # 39; Higgins by 1×0. Universidad de Chile, meanwhile, signed a scoreless draw against Deportes Iquique and left the title fight, giving the second option to the University of Concepción, which defeated San Luis de Quillota at Ester Roa Rebolledo.

UC cherishes title

The goal came from the hand of José Pedro Fuenzalida at the end of the first half, with which he made it a point to reach the final date with three points more than the University of Conception.

"Let's think about winning, we are one step away, but there is the last draw to get what we want" and crown the year of work, Argentine striker Diego Buonanotte said at the end of the game.

The cross-eyed fans celebrated the victory with euphoria and confident that the Olympic comeback will arrive in the last meeting. They must face Deportes Temuco to visit, but even a draw will allow them to lift the title.

Francisco Longa | Home
Francisco Longa | Home

Although the scenario is auspicious, achieving victory was not easy for UC. The visiting team, led by Marco Antonio Figueroa, had a tough battle, especially in the 45 minutes early. However, he almost always failed in the last pass. On the other hand, Miguel Pinto cut a penalty for Luciano Aued.

With this victory, those led by Beñat San José reached 58 points. The only team that can stifle the cross-celebration is Universidad de Concepción, which reached 55 when it overcame San Luis. Although on the following date, the Campanile – in theory – will have a difficult task to visit: the Colo Colo.

For its part, O & # 39; Higgins reached 38 points and came in ninth place, with the illusion of seizing the seventh place for the Spanish Union, which by now occupies the last place in the South American Cup.

UdeC prepares for success

They will fight for the title until the last day. Also on location, the UdeC did their homework before the bottom. With goals from Walter Ponce and Francisco Portillo, the Southerners defeated San Luis and sentenced him to play in the second division next year.

Francisco Bozán's students opened the account in the first minute of the match, after a center at ground level in the Quillotana area.

The rivals, in addition to the blow of the opening goal, suffered the expulsion of their goalkeeper Ignacio González, in the 20 minutes, after cutting with his hands an advance of the Campanile. In his replacement entered the exporter of the University of Chile, Nelson Espinoza.

Daniel Pino | Home
Daniel Pino | Home

With 10 players, the game was hard for the visitors who, in addition, in the closing of the first part, saw as Francisco Portillo scored 2-0 through a precise header.

With this result, Universidad de Concepción has reached 55 points and is the only one that will have the option to play the title against UC (58 points) on the last day.

San Luis, on the other hand, got 23 units at the bottom of the table, becoming the first to go down to the first B 2019.

U. of Chile out of the fight

When he had to take the final step, he was not up to the task. Universidad de Chile played a poor game and only equaled goalless against an orderly Iquique Sports, which took the chances of snatching the National Championship to UC at the last moment.

Before a national stadium with more than 45 thousand spectators, Frank Kudelka's squad showed the flaws he had managed to hide in the last few days and seemed powerless against a rival who officially signed his First Division stay. Zafó of the descent that already signed San Luis and that also will be gushed to a second equipment: Everton, Palestine or Sports Temuco.

Deportes Iquique had some approaches to the rival objective, in the frame of a very low first half. Some approaches of Rolón and Pernía marked some enthusiasm in the areas, although without real risk for De Paul.

Mario Dávila | Home
Mario Dávila | Home

In the second half, Kudelka opted early for David Pizarro's entry, trying to give the blue midfield more space. An idea that could not be fulfilled, since the Dragons could control without problems the assault of the premises, which were the product of some patriot Void – the few first responders in the university photo – or an attempt to overflow Rodriguez and Beausejour by the sides. Little for a team that wanted to go for the title.

Meanwhile, out of any dispute, Saturday Colo Colo beat Huachipato 2-1. Gabriel Torres opened the scoring in the 36th minute, but Popular returned with dozens of Oscar Opazo (60) and Iván Morales (77) and – despite the weak campaign – secured a place in the South American Cup next year.

But although they were both out of the equation, the definition was red: a Crusader defeat and a win UdeC would draw in points for both teams and force a final to challenge the champion.

Date results


Audax Italiano-Curicó Unido 4-1


Huachipato-Colo Colo 1-2

D. Antofagasta-Union Espanola 1-1

Everton-Palestino 3-0

Union La Calera-Sports Temuco 0-1


U. of Chile-D. Iquique 0-0

U. de Concepción-San Luis 2-0

U. Católica-O & # 39; Higgins 1-0

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