Catalina Palacios spoke of the breakup in her marriage: "I'm not looking for anything, I'm not expecting anything"


He married the actor. Nicolás Bosman in April 2017. Six months later, in October, they had their only daughter. In May of 2018, the conjugal bond of the old personality of the television Catalina Palacios was broken.

"I've been separated for seven months, it's been a while", he indicated to Mon. Although she emphasized that "today I am single, I'm not looking for anything, I'm not expecting anything., but if that special man shows up, obviously I will not close the doors. "

She did not give the reasons for the breakup with the ex-husband, only emphasized that "it was by mutual agreement."

To sue all that was paramount to her was to have the support of her family and friends. "It is essential to be as active as possible and that works in any crisis of life, not only in relation to the sentimental, you do not have to get stuck in a state"complemented.

But his motivation was not to infect the rest with the pain he was going through. He locked himself up "because the emotions are experienced by experiencing them, not by dodging them. I lived them in my solitude, in my house. "

His period of introspection has lasted for three months and although he married in 2016, he married in 2017 and separated in 2018, he does not feel that he has rushed to live the moments.

"I think there's no time for love, no time to be a parent. This is a human myth, everything has to be and is for something, "he said.

He is currently involved in the production of events, including his participation in Team Mekano Tour. He gets help from his sister-in-law and his ex to function. "He is an excellent father, he works with him every time I have to travel or work"He told of the man that "I will always respect."


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