Tuesday , April 20 2021

Cata Bono's daring confession on the reality show "Protagonistas de la Fama"

One of the winners of the first Chilean reality show "Protagonists of fame", reappeared on TV and made a bold sexual confession.

Catalina Bonus, who triumphed in the show with Álvaro Ballero, was invited to the morning "Mucho Gusto", where she talked about her life and how she began her romance remembered with Francisco Möller, with whom she continues until now.

The actress and singer revealed at that time something that had never been known about reality before.

Joaquín Méndez asked why the time to love (…) Obviously you do not know how many hours the camera is and if you are filming … I would like you to say as they did at that moment it has temperature. "

In response, Cata Bono replied "Containment, Wait or stay under the bed because there are no cameras ".

"You got under the bed?" They asked, surprised.

"A couple of times", said Bono, causing the panel's applause.

"What a good wedge you just sent," said Luis Jara.

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