Friday , April 23 2021

Casablanca: One dead and 23 injured in frontal collision of bus and minor vehicle

A serious traffic accident staged the afternoon of this Friday buses with Pullman passengers and a van in route F-50 that connects the communes of Quilpué and Casablanca, region of Valparaiso.

According to the earliest records, this is a frontal crash who left at least a deceased and a little more than twenty wounded.

"There are a deceased and 23 people injured from the intercity bus -I was traveling with 40 passengers ", confirmed the governor of Valparaíso, Maria dos Anjos da Paz.

"The route is blocked, so we recommend everyone to adopt alternative routes," at the moment "seven ambulances were deployed, the Civil Protection of the Interior, the firefighters, the emergency units of Casablanca and Valparaiso," he explained.

According to the preliminary information, the accident was caused by maneuver of the smaller vehicle, who was going to Casablanca, who tried to advance, when he beat the front with the bus, which went in the opposite direction.

This was explained by the Captain Carlos Reyes The Carabineros Radio, where he said that "the truck was moving toward Casabalanca on Route F-50 when apparently the product of an overtaking maneuver frontally collides with the bus, the driver of the (smaller) vehicle is losing his life."

All the wounded were transferred to the hospital in Casablanca. According to the most recent SAMU staff report, 13 of them were most affected: Bus driver is in serious condition and life-threatening, then was taken from the campus to Carlos van Buren Hospital in Valparaiso, where he is undergoing surgery.

Dr. Hassan Escobar explained that the driver "is in serious condition, is shocked, has a minor fracture exposed. It has been stabilized and is now in the pavilion, with abundant blood loss. "

"With massive hemorrhage, the patient is very likely to die if they do not immediately intervene," he said.

For his part, the governor of Marga Marga, Carolina Corti, made a call to "walk with pleasant moments, do not rush, in order to prevent future accidents, we may regret some tragedies. The province of Marga Marga has been concerned since we started this season that we know that many people from Santiago come to encourage our routes like Lo Orozco and La Dormida, but as long as drivers study the route well enough and make it responsible ".

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