Sunday , October 24 2021

Carola de Moras adventures and talks about the breakup of his relationship with Rafa Araneda


In an interview with YA magazine, former Chilevisión morning presenter Carola de Moras spoke about her current time off television, but also decided to clarify how she left the program.

But he also referred to the collapse of the friendship with Rafael Araneda after the animator leaked an audio of WhatsApp that De Moras sent to the group they had in the morning in which he referred to how he would approach the theme of Katherine Winter, the student who committed suicide earlier this year after suffering bullyng at El Nido de Aguila, the school her daughter attends.

"This leak took a huge toll on me and hurt me more than the cost, the pain of the family that was suffering at that time. I think it was unfair to expose this, not because of my audio, but because of what they were feeling, "he said in an interview with Ya magazine.

And in the same vein, he added that "it was unfair also because, in the end, no one measured the consequences of it and became tense." Ah, yes, it was a mistake. "But it was a mistake like no one, in the end, manifested his intention of repentance. "

Finally, Carola de Moras reflects on what this complicated situation has left behind. "The first thing is that the radar of the trusts has atrophied and suddenly a maintenance is necessary. Today I see faces and not intentions," he said.

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