Carlos Peña criticizes the "neo-fascist threat" of Bolsonaro's right and his Chilean followers


In his usual column of opinion, the rector of the University Diego Portales criticizes the right to receive Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of the president-elect of Brazil, as a star. And it questions even more those who, besides being Bolsonaro's followers, try to imitate him in the country, like Jose Antonio Kast. In fact, Peña says that those who received the son of Bolsonaro this week, made a "serious event for the health of public life."

The rector of Diego Portales University, Carlos Peña, criticized the right to receive the son of Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro, Eduardo.

In your journal column The mercury entitled "The neofascista threat", the lawyer broke the visit of the Brazilian deputy and warned about the growth of neo-fascism in our country.

"The visit of Deputy Bolsonaro – and his non-critical reception by UDI and Minister Alfredo Moreno – is an early symptom of what the law risks: slipping into the rejection of liberal democracy," he said.

Peña indicates that politicians like Bolsonaro undermine some of the basic principles of liberal democracy, such as "freedom of expression, respect for ethnic and sexual diversity, promotion of autonomy and equality for all": "And what is it that politicians like Bolsonaro – and those who receive it and go uncritically and take pictures with him to capture part of his aura – put at risk. "

"Someone like Bolsonaro, and this is what makes him prejudicial to liberal democracy, believes that the politician's role is to attend to the passions of the crowd, to listen and follow without further ado the common man and woman who, intoxicated with fears, ignorances, prejudices and insecurities, require from time to time to throw away the principles of civic life, "he adds.

Peña also takes the opportunity to criticize Bolsonaro's Chilean followers and imitators: "The attitude of politicians like Bolsonaro (and those in Chile who are making the mistake of imitating him as JA Kast) is almost always involved in more or less ideological pretexts racist and sexist is presented as a challenge to the politically correct and as a form of honesty and a principle of liberation, rejection of immigration as a form of healthy nationalism, police control policies and the use of coercion in the streets, as a way to protect the healthy and well-behaved citizen, mistreatment of the different forms of sexual identity, as a claim of nature and a rejection of ideologies that, like the genre, would betray her, order as the basic value of social life, etc. . "

"Although those who received this week do not realize it, it is a serious fact for the health of public life," he said.


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