Cargo network inaugurated to allow electric trips between Santiago and Concepción | economy


This Thursday the new Voltex Copec Network, an infrastructure of 23 charging points for electric vehicles in the stations between Puchuncaví and Concepción, allowing a displacement of vehicles of this type to almost 700 linear kilometers.

In this way, the country is taking a relevant step towards moving towards the goal of developing a new energy matrix and is at the forefront of the continent in the matter.

The objectives established by Chile for 2050 are that 70% of the energy matrix is ​​based on renewable resources. In mobility, this means that 100% of public transport and 40% of private vehicles will operate on the basis of electricity.

In this sense, the Energy Minister, Susana Jiménez, thanked the company for its commitment, noting that "This new network of power plants is very important for the country, because it will allow to travel between Santiago and Bío Bío with electric vehicles".

Along these lines, he added that "this year will reach more than 150 public porters in Chile, three times more than the 44 that were in 2018."

In addition, he informed that the portfolio he leads developed the Ecocarga application, which indicates the location of all electrical stations, availability and loading time.

In that sense, Copec executive vice president Lorenzo Gazmuri explained that the company sees great opportunities. "We are in a period of energy transition marked by the diversification of sources and the coexistence of traditional and new energies," he said.

Transportation Minister Gloria Hutt said that "electromobility is a global trend to which Chile is aggregating, positioning itself as one of the world leaders." Recently we put 100 electric buses in circulation and another 100 will be coming soon. ".

Meanwhile, Environment Minister Carolina Schmidt praised the initiative, as "transportation is the second most important emitter of greenhouse gases in the country, with only Santiago accounting for more than 40% of air pollution and more than 70% of total noise ".


The characteristics of the new network

Of the 20 new loading points, 19 are fast loading (50kW) and will be located at the service stations between Marbella and Concepción, as well as sections linking Santiago to Viña del Mar and Santo Domingo.

In addition, the installation of an ultrafast charging point in the capital (175kW), the first in South America, with state-of-the-art technology that allows cars with more powerful batteries to charge in just eight minutes.

In this context, Arturo Natho, general manager of Copec, said: "This new infrastructure for the country is integrated with our logistics, distribution and know-how capacity for 84 years, which allows us to create today's conditions for deepening the necessary regional integration ".

"It's not just a trend, it's a reality that's here to stay. And like Copec, our decision is to follow this process, to accompany people in this new mobility scenario," said Natho.


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