Cardi B appeared in court because of a fight he played in a New York nightclub | TV and Show


The American rapper Cardi B appeared in a criminal court in New York on Friday, where received two orders of protection and warnings not to make threatening comments on social networks, after a fight in a nightclub.

The 26-year-old was in court wearing a black coat, a fur collar and a broad-brimmed beige hat, rainbow-colored hair and gleaming silver nail extensions when she received five Grammy Awards nominations.

His five-minute appearance in Queens courthouse came four days after he did not appear for a subpoena on Monday, prompting prosecutors to demand bail of $ 2,500.

But the judge found it unnecessary, saying it was not a risk of escape.

The star, whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar, He left the courthouse with his lawyer, passed a plethora of television cameras and photographers waiting outside and got into a vehicle.

The singer was on August 29 in Strip Club of Angels, in the Queens neighborhood of New York when a person in his group threw furniture at others inside the facility, injuring an employee who suffered bruises on his legs, police said.

The increasingly famous rapper was delivered to a police station in Queens and was accused of a crime of aggression and two of imprudent imprudence.


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