Carabineros Order and Security Chief leaves office after the murder of Catrillanca | National


On Friday morning, it was found that the inspector general Christian FranzaniChief of Order and Security of Carabineros, leaves office by decision of Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick.

The uniform is in the sights of the Public Prosecutor's Office the role he played in the immediate hours after the homicide of the villager Camilo Catrillanca, when he attended meetings.

Specifically, It was questioned that he had gone to the law firm for La Araucanía, when he had only to gather information about what happened. and inform their superiors and political authorities.

This general arrived in the area before the GOPE patrol gave its first statements, which proved to be false.

His departure would have been sealed yesterday, Thursday, at the meeting Chadwick had with General Director Hermes Soto. In addition, has not yet been formalized by the.

Hours later, the institution confirmed the departure of Franzani, indicating, through a statement, that "they accepted his resignation."

They also informed that the position will be taken by Inspector General José Rivera Aedo, who was the head of the Metropolitan Area.

In addition, in La Moneda, the report is expected by Carabineros about the moments after the death of the 24 year old in Ercilla.

In that context, Secretary of State and Interior Undersecretary Rodrigo Ubilla spoke this morning with President Sebastián Piñera, but they did not issue statements after the meeting.

Summary for Carabineros

The government ordered a new administrative summary in Carabineros for the actions of La Araucanía officials, who allegedly harassed the 15-year-old who accompanied Camilo Catrillanca on the day of his death and physically assaulted the young man's father.

The events occurred when police officers arrested some of the members of the community at the time they were involved in public disorder in Ercilla.

Once the father of the minor accompanying Catrillanca in the tractor stopped, he reported having been struck with punches in the fist and sticks, and even later stated that he was identified inside the police station as the teenage father.


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