Carabineros arrested four guys inside the INBA «Diario y Rádio U Chile


According to the uniformed institution, three of the detainees wore white overalls. The incidents this Monday are the third episode of violence recorded in a week in the establishment.

Monday, November 5, 2018 1:21 a.m.


On Monday morning, the Carabineros entered the National Council of Barros Arana (INBA) after incidents were reported outside the establishment.

Specifically, around 10:30 a group of individuals installed barricades on public roads, making it difficult for vehicular and pedestrian traffic, according to the uniformed institution.

Four individuals were detained inside the INBA, three of them – and according to the police – wore white overalls. General Erik Gajardo indicated that more than 35 Molotov cocktails were seized inside the school.

Pamphlets have been found instead of the death of Kevin Garrido, a young anarchist assassinated on Friday in Santiago Uno prison where he served a 17-year sentence for the installation of explosive devices at the Gendarmerie School in 2015.

The episode on Monday takes place after last week, there were also incidents in the establishment. In fact, there are already three violent acts recorded in the INBA in less than a week.


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