Candidates who appear to replace Beñat at UC


The output of Beñat San José in Catholic University was a surprise, as a result of the recent title National Tournament In addition, the DT opted out and, having overcome the initial impact, some names emerged quickly for their replacement in the bank.

Coat of Arms / Catholic U.

Two Chileans and Palermo

Francisco Bozán is the coach of the moment and, in such a condition, emerged as a substitute option for Spanish. The national DT carried out a great campaign for the control of the University of Conception, achieve the sub-relationship and classification for the group phase of the Cup Libertadores. In addition, his game model based on fast transitions resembles that developed by the former cross-trainer.

The figure of Martin Palermo is attractive to any club and UC It is not exempt. The best marker in history Boca Juniors it's free after leaving the Spanish Union, and his name has been related to Everton and also with Colo Colo. He has extensive experience as a player in Liberators, which is a good point in view of the college students' participation in the contest, although their somewhat defensive style generate doubts among fans.

José Luis Sierra returned several weeks ago from the United Arab Emirates, where was he driving Shabad Al-Ahli, and is also related to the possibility of assuming San Carlos de Apoquindo. He insisted that he intends to continue playing in international football, but his way of playing with an emphasis on good ball play may suit the demands of the game. Catholic

Berizzo and the Argentine list

What happens with Eduardo Berizzo It's very impressive. The Argentine left a great image for his participation in the Marcelo Bielsa's cycle in the Red and the title achieved with O & # 39; Higgins His name was given by Colo Colo and now also emerged into the UC banking system. His proposal for offensive and dynamic moves attracted, but the high cost of his workforce and reluctance not to leave Europe would prevent the return of Toto & # 39; after leaving Athletic Bilbao.

The last options to arrive are the coaches who gave the race before Beñat San José to take on at the start of the 2018 season. The DT champion then imposed on other professionals among those who were Mariano Soso, Frank Kudelka, Eduardo Dominguez, Ricardo Zielinski and Luis Zubeldía, all Argentines. However, from the group, today alone Dominguez He's out of work.


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