Canada warns about the dangers of human placenta consumption | Society


The Health Ministry of Canada has warned about the dangers of human placenta consumption.

"Eating the placenta or consuming it in capsules is a personal decision, but the mother must understand that there are potential risks to her and the baby, as there is no scientific evidence that her consumption has any benefits," the organization said.

The portfolio explained that "the most serious risks are of bacterial nature (e.g., group B streptococcus) or related viral contamination of the placenta (hepatitis, HIV, among others). "

Canada does not authorize any health products that contain human placenta.

NoƩmie Vanheuverzwijn, a spokeswoman for the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services, told El Pais that parents could request that the placenta be delivered to hospitals but must commit in writing to a series of measures to reduce the risks the health. . For example, wear impervious gloves and ensure that the body does not contact people who do not use protection or animals. The placenta can not be sold or ceded to third parties.


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