Saturday , October 16 2021

Can not bear it? Vanessa Daroch says Luis Jara will return to TV sooner than expected | TV and Shows

On Friday, December 21, animator Luis Jara said goodbye to tears in the morning Much pleasure, after several weeks ago announced a break in his television career.

"Some people think I'm going on vacation, but no, I'm going to take an important amount of my time, much more than I thought," he began reporting on the program.

The animator said that the human being needs to take breaks in life to be with their loved ones. "There are times when I have to recover, and I will not wait for the next life, because I feel it necessary," he said of the six months he should be away from the cameras.

However, there are several who look suspiciously at this retreat and the star of show business. First plan, the tarottists and seers Vanessa Daroch and Latife Soto, surprised by some revelations about the future on animator television.

And is that both agreed that the singer could appear on the screen sooner than expected, just another time. Latife, indicated: "He wants another time, he wants to work on something else, I see him talking to people like in a stellar, a beat. He does not want to be in the morning anymore, with these months of rest he is rehearsing as if he were leaving in the morning"He said.

For her part, Vanessa added: "The distance will be progressive, will not be so from one day to the next, we will stop seeing it on the screen (…) I feel that it will go away, but not for six months, it will come back sooner. It will not be six months, they will see that he is staggering (the morning) and they will ask him to come back"

Of course, confirmed that there is indeed "an agreement that can not leave Mega, can not look at another channel. If he wants to return to the screens, it has to be in Mega."

As to whether we can see him in another space, Daroch said that for now there are no stellars or beatings in the folder and that at this point will only be dedicated to rest.

Apparently, the animator's fans will not have to wait that long to meet him again in the mornings.

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