Can Adam Lambert become more than Freddie Mercury? – 06/19/2019


What the title of this note raises is not a randomly thrown topic. It was Queen's own guitarist Brian May, which assured that Adam Lambert, current lead singer of the group, "can do everything Freddie did and more."

Yes the one who composed we will Rock You" Fat Bottomed Girls and FlashAmong other topics, one of the three closest witnesses to Mercury's talent, compared him to the singer left a talent-marketing factory called American Idol, which since 2011 has become Queen's lead singer.

"He's a born exhibitionist. It's not Freddie and he does not pretend to be"clarified the good of Brian, as if to calm the animals." But it's equipped with the same tools, "he redoubled.

"No matter what you throw at him, he can do it," added the 71-year-old virtuoso. So there is the question asked at the beginning to know if there may be any truth in your statement, or if it is nonsense that seeks to provoke the more purist fans of The Queen.

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To begin with, we must say that Queen + Lambert has not composed new songs since 2011, year in which the band began to turn with its new singer. That is, the "young reality" still sings covers written by Freddie. It would be too ambitious to ask Adam to take out paper and pencil and try to write something close to Rhapsody Bohemia?

Without diminishing the realities of talent – or yes – at the age when Lambert was tried by "industry experts" such as Simon Cowell or Paula Abdul, singing songs like … Bohemian Rhapsody, Mercury released the first album with May, Taylor and Deaconand was already a hardened frontman in the British independent scene that led two bands before Queen.

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The "American idol" lasted five weeks in college because he decided to try his luck in Los Angeles, where he came to sing in cruises and in some musicals. Farrokh Bulsara had to escape a violent revolution in his country (Zanzibar, now Tanzania) and took advantage of his move to London to study art and design. graphic at the Ealing School of Art, while trying to hold on selling used clothes. And, of course, someone had something to say.

Mercury took piano lessons until the age of 9and learned to play the guitar. Lambert sings. The question is: Why is it today who sings live? Love of my life? So how do we know if he's going to beat Freddy one day, Brian?

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While many describe Freddie as a private person, he had the courage to assume he was gay / bisexualAt a time when there were more taboos, especially on the rock scene. Lambert also lives his homosexuality without prejudice and is an icon for the LGBT community. Many argue that he did not win the American Idol – Despite being the public's favorite – because of his sexual orientation. Of course, he faced Kris Allen, a heterosexual, married and Christian.

Freddie Mercury with his partner, the stylist Jim Hutton, with whom he has lived the last six years of life.

Freddie Mercury with his partner, the stylist Jim Hutton, with whom he has lived the last six years of life.

Considered one of the best rock singers of all time, any comparison with Mercury seems unfair. But if there is a category where the & # 39; youth reality & # 39; can approach his idol, it is in his record, reach and vocal technique. Lambert himself confessed that he spent hours listening to Queen try to sing like Freddie. A plagiarist?

May described him as a born exhibitionist. And there does not seem to be any discussion there. Like Freddie, Lambert is a showman who takes the stage and who also dares to play with fashion. Because the charisma is not bought, right, Simon Cowell?

Adam Lambert was listed by Brian May as a "born exhibitionist."

Adam Lambert was listed by Brian May as a "born exhibitionist."


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